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    Engine NVH End-of-Line Test Bench (NVH Test)
    Engine NVH EOL test bench adopts professional NVH analyzer to test vibration of cylinder head, intake/discharge sides of engine without ignition of engine (cold status). Besides, Engine NVH EOL test bench monitors engine oil pressure and torque during the entire test process, and check if assembling faults and part quality faults exist or not on basis of test results.
    APPLICATION - Gasoline engine EOL test
    - Diesel engine EOL test

    - Engine is not ignited during test; no coolant and fuel is needed; no exhausted gas and liquid;
    - Adopt professional NVH analyzer from 3rd party (Reilhofer EOL vibration analyzer), which provides overall
       analysis of vibration signal at different rotation to detect possible faults of engine rotating parts
    TEST ITEM - High Speed NVH Test - Low Speed NVH Test
    - Safe Torque Monitoring - Safe Oil Pressure Monitoring
    PRODUCT BEAT - Tempo≤60s (feeding and discharging included)
    Balance shaft locking Ignition fault:
    engine cannot be started
    Chain tensioner locked
    Balance shaft gearing chain deviates from chain wheel Crankshaft abnormal sound Chain tensioner bent
    Balance shaft installation deviation Cylinder head abnormal sound Chain tensioner cannot be charged with oil
    Bearing damage (e.g main bearing, link rod bearing) Camshaft bearing: loose bolt No oil supply for chain tensioner
    Accessory damage (e.g A/C compressor) Dirty oil way Swinging arm deviation
    Loose camshaft installation,
    balance shaft installation deviation
    Oil pump inlet O ring missing Tappet hole too big
    Bent exhaust valve Loose bolt at oil pump inlet Turbocharger damaged
    Shortened chain tensioner spring Main bearing bushing missing Chain driving, chain wheel defected,
    no oil supply for chain tensioner
    Broken chain tensioner spring Hydraulic tappet cannot rise Crankshaft unbalanced
    Loose camshaft installation Hydraulic tappet missing Shaft bushing missing
    Camshaft abnormal sound Loose oil pump bolt Chain driving: chain wheel defected
    Camshaft geometry defects
    (base circle, angle, inflection point abnormal)
    Oil way to hydraulic
    tensioner blocked
    Cylinder head bearing damaged
    Camshaft bearing: loose bolt,
    broken chain tensioner spring
    Corrosion hole on cylinder tube Left pilot and right pilot are different

    - Ganzhou plant/Nanchang plant, GETRAG Company
    - ZF (Hangzhou) Transmission Plant
    - Yantai plant, Shanghai Automobile Gear Works
    - Chery Automobile
    - Changchun plant, FAW-VOLKSWAGEN
    - Chengdu plant, FAW-VOLKSWAGEN
    - DCT EOL test, FAW Car

    - Tsingshan Transmission Plant
    - Geely Automobile
    - JAC Liuan Transmission Plant
    - Hefei AAM Automotive Driveline &Chassis
       System Co., Ltd.
    - Jinan Heavy Duty Transmission Plant
    - Zhuzhou Gear Co., Ltd.
    - Dongan Gearbox Plant