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    Engine Performance Test Bench
    SUMMARY ngine performance test bench is designed exclusively for laboratory use on engine load test. The core equipment of the bench is 1 set of electric dynamometer with energy feedback and 1 set of main control system. These core equipment are matched with peripheral measurement devices and auxiliary devices as necessary. The engine test bench can be used for endurance test, quality spot check test and performance test of various gasoline and diesel engines.
    - The test bench system is highly modular design with advanced architecture

    - Solely Developed UrWain Main Control System
    Dynamometer (Re-configurable as per Requirement)
    Absorption power
    Absorption torque
    500Nm/4750rpm (for gasoline engine)
    750Nm/3180rpm (for diesel engine)
    Max. rotation
    8500rpm (gasoline engine)
    6000rpm (diesel engine)

    External Interface (Extendable)
    2 channel high speed CAN
    (for ECU or external device with CAN)
    8 channel RS485/RS232
    4 channel relay I/O
    8 channel digital quantity I/O
    Data Acquisition System (Extendable)
    32 channel temperature acquisition
    16 channel pressure acquisition
    Sampling frequency 1k Hz/channel,
    extendable to max. 128 channel