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    Service Commitment

    Customer satisfaction is the foundation of an enterprise's survival and development; customer needs should be a priority for all. W-Ibeda has consistently been conscious of our responsibilities and adhered to the concept of customer service. It is our responsibility and obligation to complete a series of after-sale services as quickly and efficiently as possible. We solemnly promise to you to provide the following technical services:

    1)Installation and commissioning:
    We provide free installation and debugging services according to customer requirements.

    2)Training service:
    We provide free training to customers on a regular basis, as well as multimedia training. We also provide other paid training services to our customers according to their demands.

    3)Software upgrade service:
    We provide software upgrade services according to customer demands, so as to ensure client interests and to realize the maximization of value.

    4)Parts supply:
    We supply spare parts according to customer requirements and design and develop accessory types according to their actual needs.

    5)Technical support and hotline:
    We provide customers with comprehensive technical support, ranging from hardware to software system, as well as hotline service of our engineers.

    6)On-site service:
    We provide regular maintenance service to customers, mainly to get to know about customer system and equipment running status, solve problems of customer usage and operation, check system health condition, and collect system performance information, etc. Once on-site service is necessary, the engineers of W-Ibeda will arrive at the scene in a timely manner to solve the problem.

    7)Remote support:
    To help customers solve problems encountered in the process of usage and maintenance by way of telephone, fax, voice mail and E-mail. As to the problems beyond our responsibility, we would help customers contact the supplier who should take responsibility.

    8)File record:
    We make a complete record of host system software and hardware configuration and the important parameter settings for our customers. After each periodic inspection or on-site service, we will provide a written document record to our customer. We will provide necessary preventive measures and suggestions to customers in written form to assist customers in making daily operation manuals and contingency plans.